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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More catching up

Having trouble posting in the right order.  So here are some more . . .

On the trailer frame.

Rear shot showing the rear storage area panel on and the taillight housings.

Trying out the tongue box.
It fits . . .

And room for it to open!

Trying to catch up

Here are some photos to catch everyone up on the trailer build.  I will be away for a week or two as I drive to Alabama to visit Amy and her parents.  A bit of a road trip, but that is what I do these days.  So here are some photos:

Neighborhood sign.  Why do the chickens get to play?

The framing for the curves, and the framing for the front window.

Where the ceiling fan goes.

Preparing to apply the clear penetrating epoxy sealant.

CPES applied.

Applying filler to get the edges smooth.
The taped seams on the roof.

Preparing to put it on the trailer frame.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When will it be done?

Many people are asking when I will be done with this build, and where will I go next. 

"I don't know" is the answer to both questions.  I'm working steadily on it, but I encounter problems and then I must resolve them. I am just not giving out any estimates anymore, because then I get upset when I don't make the goal. 

Where I go will be dependent upon how much longer it takes me. I need to get home and be with my family, so I have less time to wonder around down here. 

So there you have it. I just don't know. 

Slow Progress

After completing the framing, we had a few days of frustration as we tried to bend plywood to cover the 7-inch radius curves on the front and nose of the trailer.  After two spectacular failures, which used up all the material I had on hand, I went to Edensaw Wood in Port Townsend and bought some bendy plywood. After making some clamping jigs to allow easier clamping across the front of the trailer, we got the skin on yesterday.

Picking up the wood

clamping jig being utilized

Skin on the front

Earlier in the weekend, I mocked up the galley hatch hinge.

Needs some patching in the outer skin

Also did some wiring in the ceiling earlier.

Lots of wires

The wiring and hole for the fan

View from the galley.  The fuse box will go where the wires come through the hole

Friday, July 8, 2016

Like A Mushroom



Then the weather got windy with sprinkles of rain, so we wrapped it in a tarp and called it a day.